5 Things Social Entrepreneurs Taught Me About Making a Difference

When I was a child, I wanted to change the world. Back then I thought if I would just wish for the world to become a better place, it would happen.

Then I grew up.

Not long after my graduation, I started working for a Think Tank in mainland China to encourage debates on freedom and liberty, peace, and justice. I felt my work made a difference. But there was always so much more I wanted to see accomplished, and after five years in Shanghai and Beijing this is how I felt.

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Q&A with Land Of Ed

Eileen Vincett is the co-founder of Land of Ed, a company which designs bags that support children’s educational initiatives around the world.  

She started a career in fashion working for Coach in New York City and then moved onto J.Crew where she designed accessories before moving to London in 2010. After designing for the high street, she left fast fashion to create a business which was more conscious in its practices and that made a social impact. After a brainstorming session with a colleague over lunch one day, Land of Ed was born.

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Using Collective Impact to Supercharge Change - The Story of Opportunity Child

In Australia, we are not without some wicked social and environmental problems to solve.

And many of these problems, especially early childhood development, require a change of current systems, and a powerful movement behind them to get the traction needed to create large-scale impact.

Thankfully though here in Australia our strong democracy, civil sector, social systems and infrastructure to support social innovation have provided a unique, fertile ground for a new social innovation tactic that does just that, and it’s called collective impact.

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